The Bulletproof Mind-Lt. Col. David Grossman

09 / 08 / 2023

Lt. Col. David Grossman - The Bulletproof Mind Training


Hosting Agency: Holmen Police Department

When: August 9th, 2023   8:30AM - 4:30PM

Where: First Free Church, 123 Mason Street, Onalaska, WI

Who: Lt. Col. David Grossman


Lt. Col. Grossman speaks to audiences all over this great nation (First Responders, Military, Faith-Based Organizations) and provides them TRUTH regarding the violence they may face and how to persevere with the tools, skills, and proper mindset referred to as “The Bulletproof Mind." Lt. Col. Grossman is a well-respected, highly sought after, subject matter expert on human aggression and how to successfully function during and after a deadly force encounter.  He is one of our nation’s leading trainers for military, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and school safety organizations.


Topic: The Bulletproof Mind


Psychological preparation for combat. Bringing together current trends in violence, from terrorists to aggravated assaults, Lt. Col. Grossman coalesces his research into a presentation affirming the life that all law enforcement and military professionals have chosen to lead. Within that context, Lt. Col. Grossman presents a model for action that ensures professionals can train for and overcome the unique mental stressors of possible violence. Find out what to expect when your heart rate rises and blood drains from your face, and how to avoid it.  A cornerstone for professional training if you might come into contact with inter-personal violence. Knowing what strange and wonderful things might happen to your body in these stressful situations is the first step to making the correct decision in the heat of the moment.


Cost: $125.00 per attendee



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