Interested in joining the Board of Directors or Executive Board?

ASP - Board of Directors or Executive Board

If your are interested in serving on the ASP Board of Directors or Executive Board:

Click HERE for the nomination form. You may complete the information on the form electronically, save it as a new file, and email it to Director Brian Conte at

You may also print the form, handwrite your information and mail it to:

PO BOX 371367
Milwaukee, WI 53237-2467


The Association of SWAT Personnel - Wisconsin was formed in 1982 and was the FIRST tactical officers' association to be established in the United States.

Membership benefits include:

Annual Membership Dues: $25

To join ASP, download the attached membership application form HERE , complete the form, and mail in membership application form along with payment and photo copy of agency ID (new members) to:

Attn: Jeff Gonzalez
PO Box 371367
Milwaukee, WI 53237-2467
Email: with attached membership application

In an effort to streamline our membership process, we are asking that all memberships be sent directly to our Membership Director (Jeff Gonzales) as to avoid any problems that have been experienced in the past.

Any questions or concerns regarding your ASP membership, please contact Jeffrey Gonzalez (ASP Membership Director).


On December 20, 2006, at a regular Board of Director meeting for the Association of SWAT Personnel - Wisconsin, criteria was adopted in regards to Retired Life Members of ASP.

Criteria for Retired Life Membership:

  • Retired honorably from their agency.
  • A member of ASP, in good standing, for the five (5) years immediately preceding retirement.
  • A member of ASP anytime during the retiree's career, in good standing, but his/her ASP membership lapsed prior to retirement and the retiree pays five (5) years in back membership dues.
  • Retired Life Member must complete and submit a membership application form on an annual basis.  This will allow ASP to keep proper mailing records and assure that the Retired Life Member chooses to continue receiving ASP mailings.

Retired Life Memberships will also be awarded to a member of ASP who meets any of the following:

  • Any Past President of ASP.
  • Any recipient of the Paul W. Roemer Award.
  • Any ASP Director who has served at least six (6) consecutive years (two terms) regardless of when served.

Benefits of Retired Life Membership:

  • Retired Life Members will receive subscription for our quarterly magazine, ASP News at no cost to the Retired Life Member.
  • Retired Life Members receive a discounted registration for our annual conference (currently $100).
  • Retirees who meet the criteria for Retired Life Membership will receive a metal membership card and will be honored at the next annual conference.
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