ASP - WI Scholarships & Awards

The Association of SWAT Personnel WI was honored to present our 2019 Team of the Year Award to the Janesville Police Department Tactical Team. They worked to resolved a complex situation across a large area while experiencing a failure of their radio system.  The Association was honored to recognise this team for their great display of perseverance, tactics, teamwork, and coordination.

The Association was also proud to present Deputy John Lappley of the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department with the 2019 Roemer Award for his dedication to his Department, the Law Enforcement Community, and the Association of SWAT Personnel-WI.

The Association of SWAT Personnel awards one (1) $1000.00 scholarship each year.
For more information and an application for the scholarship, please open our Scholarship Application.

The most recent recipients of the scholarship were Margaret Anagnostopoulos and Sydney Halstead.  These young ladies were not able to attend the 2019 conference presentation of the scholarships due to their busy school schedules.


Thanks to the members of the scholarship committee for their continued involvement in this very worthwhile cause.

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